Welcome to my Bon Jovi Page. I know what you might be thinking if you just happened to stumble across this page by accident. Yes, they're still around! They're on what seems to be a bit of an extended hiatus, mostly due to Jon Bon Jovi's flourishing movie career. This page is dedicated to the band and to all of us out there who still love them after all these years!

This is a scene from Jon's movie, "The Leading Man". I wish I knew when I could see this for myself, but I don't. I know that there was a screening for it the night before the seventh annual Christmas concert, but I couldn't make it. (I DID make it to the concert, though!)

UPDATE- 3-21-98- Okay, I finally saw "The Leading Man", which came out here in New York on 3-20-98. (It's only showing in one movie theater in the whole city.) It was very good, and that is truly not a biased opinion. Jon did a great job; he seemed very comfortable in his role. This Friday (the 27th), I'm going to try to see his new movie, "No Looking Back", and I'll write about it then.

UPDATE- 4-7-98- I saw "No Looking Back" when I said I was going to, but I didn't have the heart to write the review at first. Once again, Jon did a fine job. (Again, that is an unbiased opinion. Even the reviews in the papers gave him kudos.) The movie, however, was pretty bad. I LOVE Ed Burns, and he was good in the movie, but it left a lot to be desired. I found Lauren Holly annoying, and the plot was tired. As my friend and I stood outside the theater waiting for someone, all we heard were negative comments coming from others who had seen it. If you're a huge Jon fan, it might be nice to see him on the big screen. Otherwise, you might want to skip this.

2-1-98: Much recognition and praise goes to Jon Bon Jovi. Last night the family of slain police officer Sgt. Patrick King received a check for $112,500. Jon and "friends" staged a benefit concert that included the impressive lineup of Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt. Jon was the primary organizer of this event.

Sgt. King was killed during a high speed chase on Nov. 20, 1997. He was, by all acounts, an extremely dedicated and decorated member of the force. He leaves behind a wife and two sons. They were not in attendance at the concert, according to Sgt. King's sister-in-law, Ann Bell, because it would have been "too sad."

My Fav Bon Jovi Links

Bon Jovi Home Page : The official home page made by Polygram. I don't think it's updated enough, but it has some great pictures and video clips.
BON JOVI-New Jersey: This site has pictures and a lot of links. It also had pretty up-to-date news last time I looked.
Mr. Bluesman: One of the few Richie Sambora sites around, and a pretty good one at that.
Jon Bon Jovi Home Page: The official Jon Bon Jovi page. Same description as the official Bon Jovi page, but it's just about Jon.

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