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OK, this page has been up for a while now, and I'm pretty pleased with it overall. It's not as slick as some or as well-designed as some others, but it's mine. Enough said.

Before you go any further, I would like request very nicely that you sign my guest book before you leave. It's very frustrating to people who make web pages to see several hundred hits and have 6 people in the guest book. Don't make me beg; it's very undignified.

Here are the current sections of this site. I used to have more, but I can't keep up with it anymore:
A Paranormal Page: Listen, I don't know if you like the unexplained or not, but please visit this page. I'm sort of partial to it. My new project is a Haunted Places section. Also, if you know a really cool ghost story or have experienced something inexplicable, e-mail me from that page with the tale. I hope to start a section with readers' stories. So far, I've had to put up most of the stories myself. There's also a Paranormal Bookstore in this section. I've put together a pretty extensive list of books on the paranormal and X-Files that you can purchase from Amazon.com.
A MIDI page! This page has almost 180 of my favorite MIDI files. Check it out!
Quotes Page An archive of past quotes that I've used on this main page.
My Awards Page

I understand that my tastes are not everyone's, but deal with it.

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(I will update these from time to time.)

"No one is laughable who laughs at himself."

"Back of every achievement is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law."
Brooks Hays


The Rangers are my favorite hockey team, and I thought this logo was cool, so I had to use it. My brother Kevin is really the one to create a whole page dedicated to them, though. If he ever does, I'll include the link here! To see a picture of my brother, click here.

Speaking of Kevin, I found this GIF that reminds me of a shirt he used to have. It's of Calvin, of the now defunct comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson, bring them back!!!



My Fav Links

PegOB's Homepage: My mom's homepage- please check it out!
South Park Information Center: One of the best sites I've seen for one of the best shows around!! SPinfo
Welcome to Mets Online: Unofficial, but good, site of my fav baseball team, the N.Y. Mets.
Dave Barry: Archive of columns from one of my fav writers. He's hysterical.
HTML Goodies Home Page: If you're thinking of starting a Web page using HTML, you should check this site out FIRST.
Ham's Place on the Web: A cool site with sounds, custom graphics, and (coolest of all) custom 3D logos for free! The logo above was designed by him. Check it out! I also won his "Cool Site" award, which you can find on my AWARDS page!

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I have been very surprised by the response I have had to my page as far as awards are concerned. I've had to add a whole other section to accommodate them! From now on, the majority of my awards will be placed here: AWARDS. The most recent of my awards, like the ones below, will continue to be displayed here.

am a proud winner of Adam's Prestigious

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