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monster I find myself hovering in the valley between belief and disbelief in regards to certain phenomena, but I must admit that all topics absolutely fascinate me. Plus, belief or no, many of these things have the power to keep me up nights if all factors align right.

Below you'll find many links to the sites that have the power to chill or thrill. You'll also find links to sites that are just plain odd. What I ultimately want to do is have people submit their own stories of the paranormal. If you have a true story that you'd like to share about something strange or unexplained that has happened to you, please write me at the link below. I will post as many as I can.

NEW AS OF 10-17-98: I now have a message board in place at Delphi. This is a forum where people can discuss various paranormal topics. The board is currently separated into four categories: general, ghost encounters, haunted places, and UFOs. All topics are welcome. I also have an "All Things Odd or Paranormal" Chat Room. Come in and chat with people fascinated by the paranormal.

I have started a Haunted Places section. I will be listing documented haunted places and the stories behind them. Have a look!

I finally have a few tales on my STORIES PAGE. Please stop by!

If you're interested in sinking your teeth into some really substantial paranormal reads, I've put together a bookstore, in conjunction with Amazon, that will be a total dream (or nightmare!) for you. Click here if you dare -->BOOKSTORE

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AvatarSearch - Search Engine of the Occult Internet!

Dark Side of the Web: This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites!! It has over 5,000 working links.
PARAseek.com - The Paranormal Search Engine
Castle of Spirits: A very large collection of "true" paranormal stories. Some I've laughed at; others have kept me up at night.
Flagship1 of the Paranormal: A site set up by an apparently fervent believer in the paranormal, whose purpose is to inform and connect those interested in this fascinating area.
glowchal Wicca Resources: For those interested in Wicca (witchcraft) in a serious, intelligent way (as opposed to the ignorant "all witches wear black and ride brooms" way), this site is full of informative links.
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Society: An excellent site with ghost photos, ghost hunting tips, true stories,links and more.
Main's Ghostly Links Domain: As its name implies, this is a sizable list of paranormal links, with emphasis on ghostly phenomena.
Conspiracies: If you're Mulder-minded, you'll find this site very interesting. You'll probably also spend the rest of your life checking over your shoulder!
Adopt A Ghost!: Maybe it doesn't quite count as "paranormal", but this cute site is worth mentioning. If you'd like to adopt a cute ghost like my little Emily here, visit this site!emily
Paranormal Pick of the Week: Each week this site chooses a paranormal site considered to be exceptional.
Huge Mysteries Megasite...: Though not dedicated to the paranormal, this site is full of mysteries of both the natural and the supernatural.
The Paranormal Network: "This site is not for entertainment purposes, this is the real thing." A site maintained by actual parapsychologists.
A Fringe-Watchers Guide to High WWWeirdness: A site dedicated to "kooks", as the publisher affectionately refers to those who fervently believe. awaken

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