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O.K., so the picture isn't representative of the "X-Files" per se, but David Duchovny is one of the best reasons to watch the show. I never miss it on Sunday nights, and if you haven't seen it, yes, it's worth the hype. Treat yourself to an episode or two, and you'll see what I mean. You'll find a list of my fav "X-Files" sites below. You can get some really great downloads from some of them.

I went to the X-Files convention on May 10, 1998 here in New York, and I'm interested to hear what other people thought of the event. Please e-mail me and let me know! My husband and I are of two different opinions, and I'd like to see who more people agree with.

One of my features for this part of my site is the NEWS PAGE.

I have put up an EPISODE GUIDE. I think my guide is a little different from others I've seen in that I'll offer links for the majority of the phenomena seen in each episode. Please have a look.

Another part of my page is All Things Odd and Paranormal . I figured that if you like the X-Files, you are probably into some of the weirder things life has to offer. This page has links and a chance for anyone to write in if he or she has experienced anything out of the ordinary. I'll try to post as many stories as I possibly can.


Who is your favorite Lone Gunman?
Frohike (the one who lusts for Scully)
Langley (the long-haired one)
Byers (the neatly dressed one)

Current Results


Plastic Surgery Lab: X-Files: A game brought to us by Mr. Showbiz. You can combine different facial features of our fav show's characters and see what you come up with. It's pretty sick, actually.

X-Files Multimedia Archive: Well, this used to be a FANTASTIC place for downloads, but the hounds at 1013 Productions made the Web master remove almost everything under threat of legal action at the end of March. I'm keeping the link to the site, though, as a sign of support. Please visit!
All You Ever Wanted to Know About David Duchovny: The name pretty much says it all.
Dean Haglund: Dean Haglund, the actor who plays long-haired Lone Gunman Langly, has his own Web page. Check it out! Turns out he is a talented comedian as well as actor. He had me hysterical at the Expo!
A Serious Look at the X-Files: Episode, cast and character guides. Lots of info here.
X-Files Fans Home Page: From the Mining Company, this site has tons of stuff,including games like Hang an Alien!
Official X-Files Website: Just what the name implies.
Netpick Homepage: This site's purpose is to point out post-production errors. A little obsessive for me, but interesting in its own right.


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