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I couldn't believe how badly "The X-Files" got shut out at the Emmys! What the hell is wrong here? Anyway, at least I have some good news today. According to The New York Daily News, the next "X-Files" film is set to begin filming in the summer of '99, with David and Gillian already signed to star. Chris Carter would like the film to be released in summer of 2000, after the show's seventh and final season. He acknowledges, though, that that would be a "Herculean task."
In related news, the Fox Home Entertainment is set to release the video of The X-Files movie October 13 (the day before my birthday). It reportedly contains "never-seen-before" footage that's supposed to answer one of the series' long-standing questions. Hopefully, some of that footage is the infamous David butt shot that ended up on the cutting room floor.

8-3-98- I don't expect this bit of news to be popular, because most fans like to envision our favorite co-stars to be buddy-buddy, even though that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyhow, according to People, David Duchovny had a few things to say to Britain's Guardian newspaper about Gillian Anderson's salary gripes. "If she's making less money than me, she should blame her agent, or her lawyer, or herself. She shouldn't blame the fact that she's a woman, or me. Demi Moore gets paid more than me, and I work just as hard as her. Is it because she's a woman? Is it because she's got breasts?"

7-23-97- The Emmy nominees have been announced, and I'm pleased to report that "The X-Files" has been nominated for Best Drama Series, David Duchovny has been nominated for Best Actor in a Drama, and Gillian Anderson has been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama. "The X-Files" has also been nominated for Art Direction in a Series, Cinematography for a Series, Makeup for a Series, Sound Editing for a Series, and Sound Mixing for a Drama Series. Chris Carter has been nominated for Directing for a Drama Series. The episode "Post-Modern Prometheus" (the one in black and white about Mutato, which I love) was nominated for Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Series and Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore), plus Chris Carter got the Writing for a Drama nod for this episode. "The X-Files" also garnered two nominees in the Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Veronica Cartwright who played Cassandra Spender in "Patient X" and "The Red and the Black", and Lili Taylor, who played Marty Glenn in "Mind's Eye". :::: DEEP BREATH :::: Okay, they have 16 nominations altogether, and I think they should win at least half of them. (PLEASE let David win!)

7-17- 98- According to PEOPLE Online, "Claire Danes, Minnie Driver and Gillian Anderson have agreed to lend their vocal talents to the American version of the Japanese animated blockbuster "Princess Mononoke." Miramax is targeting a summer 1999 domestic release for the adult-oriented picture, which grossed more than $150 million in Japan. Danes will provide the voice of the heroine San, Driver will take the role of Eboshi and Anderson will voice a character called Moro."

6-22-98- "The X-Files" was number one at the box office this weekend, taking in $30.1 million. It beat out Disney's "Mulan", also in its opening weekend, which took in $22.7 million.

6-14-98- Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been really busy due to the end of the school year.
Chris Carter told the Los Angeles Times last Wednesday that he is close to signing deal that would keep him with the show until the year 2000, much like David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have done. He had originally stated that he wouldn't stay beyond the fifth season.

5-16-98- Another VCR Alert! David Duchovny will be appearing on the final episode of "The Larry Sanders Show," which airs on May 31. David's previous appearances on the show have been pretty hysterical, so be sure to catch it.

Not that a true fan needs to be reminded, but if you're a casual viewer, tonight is the season finale of "The X-Files". Apparently the plot involves an old flame of Mulder's and some sort of conflict between her and Scully. Could prove to be very interesting.

4-26-98- VCR ALERT! David Duchovny will host the season finale of Saturday Night Live on May 9, says the L.A. Times. The musical artist is Sean "Puffy" Combs, who will appear with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

3-29-98- On Friday, 3-37-98, Chris Carter told the cast and crew that the "X-Files" is moving from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Stephen Melnik, the show's publicist, stated that an official announcement would be made later this week.

3-18-98- At a convention earlier this month, Mark Snow, composer of most of the music on "The X-Files", including the theme, announced that U2, Sting, and Beck would be on the soundtrack of "The X-Files" movie. According to Moviegarden Web site, the soundtrack will also have the Foo Fighters, Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, the Cranberries, Tracy Chapman, Mike Oldfield (who?), the Cardigans, the Cure, Rancid and the Dust Brothers. This is not all yet confirmed, but it is just about confirmed that Don Was is the producer.

3-09-98- In case you didn't get to watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards, "The X-Files" was pretty much shut out by "E.R." No need to elaborate, I guess.

2-21-98- National Enquirer gossip columnist Mike Walker has started a rumor that David Duchovny is leaving "The X-Files", starting with a phaseout next season. Walker "reported" that Duchovny would appear in only nine out 24 episodes, eventually being replaced by Canadian actor Chris Owens. It has been confirmed by Fox that Owens, who played young Cigarette Smoking Man in 1996's episode centered around the character, has been hired to play FBI Agent Jeffrey Spender in the March 1 episode. It is not known whether he'll be a regular or semi-regular a la' Nicolas Lea's Krycek. Anyway, the rest of the story is bogus (Gasp! Not from the National Enquirer!) Duchovny's manager states, "David has every intention of staying with 'The X-Files'." (Why the hell does a paper like the Enquirer need a gossip columnist, anyway? Isn't the whole damn thing gossip and lies?)

2-9-98- Mattel has announced that the newest additions to the Barbie Pop Culture Collector's series will be our own Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Word is that they don't really resemble David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson, except in dress and the FBI credentials they carry. (You would think that for $80.00 a pair Mattel could have put a little more effort into it.)

2-4-98- The Director's Guild has announced its nominees for the best in television direction, and among those nominated for Best Director of a Drama Series is Chris Carter for "The X-Files." The DGA will hand out their awards on March 7th.

2-1-98- Although the February 8th episode, "Chinga", has been touted as being written by horror master Stephen King, the author himself has reported elsewise to TV Guide. King stated that his original script was rejected and rewritten by Chris Carter. Does this spell out bad blood between the two? Not at all. As a matter of fact, even though King liked his original script better, he's going to crank out another episode for the show.

The Screen Actors Guild has nominated Gillian Anderson for Best Dramatic Actress in a Television Series , David Duchovny for Best Dramatc Actor in a Television Series, and the "X-Files" for Best Ensemble Cast for a Dramatic Series. The awards wil be presented on March 8th. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

1-12-98-Fox Entertainment has announced that the "X-Files" "absolutely is going to be around for year six and seven minimally." Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reported to have signed deals that keep them on for another two years. (:::Breathing a sigh of relief!:::)

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